Rainbow Bowl

This colourful bowl of goodness has so much nutritional value in it, and it literally just takes 5 minutes to make! This is one of my easy go-to’s when I’m hungry between meals or just wanting a light lunch/ dinner. Raw food enables us to absorb and intake the essential nutrients and enzymes from the fruit/ vegetable that tends to denature or have a reduced potency when we cook it.

1) 1x Avocado
2) 6x Cherry tomatoes (or 1 big one)
3) 1x whole Beetroot
4) 2 handfuls of Salad of your choice
5) massage some Olive oil into your salad
6) 1/2 a block of Feta cheese (for vegan option use grilled tofu or Vegan cheez if you can get hold of some!)
7) a sprinkle of black sesame seeds
8) a drizzle of balsamic


1) Chop your: beetroot, avocado, tomatoes and feta (or vegan alternative) and mix in a bowl with you olive oil massaged salad.

2) Sprinkle balsamic and sesame seeds on top! And DEVOUR


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