Seasonal Bake

When winter approaches and those warm and wholesome meals really become essential, having a baked dish in the evenings can be just the perfect touch! This meal took me around 30 minutes to make and it really hit the spot! This is also a great dish for meal-prep that you can prepare a bigger load of on Sunday for dinner for the week ahead!

(Serves 2-3)

1) 500g chopped pumpkin
2) 250g of rice
3) Olive oil
4) Salt
5) Salad of your choice
6) 1 sweet potato
7) 1 tomato
8) 1 stem of Rosemary
9) 1 stem of Thyme

1) in a cooking pot pour rice in and fill it with water around 1 inch above the level of rice. Wait until it has boiled and then leave it with the lid on on a low heat to cook.

2) turn the oven on to 160 degrees C, in the mean time prepare on a baking tray your chopped pumpkin, chopped sweet potato and chopped tomato. Add olive oil, salt and massage it all together. Now spread it out on the tray,and after adding your thyme leaves and Rosemary leaves whip it in the oven

3) your rice shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes or so to cook, your baking tray with vegetables should cook in that time too! Depending on how crispy you want the vegetables leave them in longer. When the rice is nearly done add some olive oil and salt to the rice in the pot and stir it around

4) now on a plate add some salad, your now divinely baked vegetables and your fresh rice!

Bon appetit!


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