Simply Guacamole

Such a fan of a mighty portion of Guac as a side, appetiser or snack. Avocados are a great source of energy, do wonders for your skin and hair, and also keep you fuller longer! This is one of the many epic ways to enjoy it. It normally  takes around 8 leisurely minutes to prep and create! It’s serves 2 generously.

1) 3 large carrots (peel and cut them into short slices/ buy a bag of ready chopped carrots)
2) 2 celery stems (chop these up)
3) 2 large and ripe avocados (make sure they are squishy)
4) 1/4 shallot
5) 1 stem of spring onion
6) 4 cherry tomatoes
7) dash of salt
8) 1/2 lime

1) chop your shallot, spring onion and tomatoes and keep to one side
2) slice open your avocado, scoop out the green and mash with a fork in a bowl > add in your tomatoes, shallots and spring onion > mix mix mix
3) now add a dash of salt, mix, taste, add more if you like it more salty!
4) squeeze in your lime (great for taste and also keeps the green from turning brown)
5) final stir and taste > now serve it up on a plate with your carrots and celery!



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