Yin and Yang ‘Cookie-Dough’ Balls

Black and White balls packed with energy and taste like raw cookie dough. I’m completely addicted to rolling these nutty treats into scrumptious desserts. They are perfect as a snack, dessert, pre-working out or even as part of your breakfast!

You will need a food processor or any type of grinder to make these! For the longest time I used the tiniest small grinder, which I’m pretty sure is just meant for grinding up spices/ low impact work and not nuts. It worked fine though, around 6 months and then gave up! Luckily the store I bought it from refunded me and I managed to get a medium sized food processor for a really good price as an upgrade! So in short, if you’re going to use a small grinder, make sure you take breaks and don’t push the machine too far, otherwise you’ll end up wearing it out.

***Please add/ lessen the quantity as per your serving requirements and processor/ grinder size.***


4 tbsp Cashew nuts

1 tbsp Black sesame seeds

2 tbsp Coconut shredding

a sprinkle of Sea salt

1 tbsp Sunflower seeds

1 tbsp Maple Syrup



1) First blend/ grind up your Black sesame seeds, Sunflower seeds and Sea salt around 20 seconds.

2) Add the Cashews and blend/ grind until you start seeing it to build up from the bottom up, you will know what I mean when you do this. using a small teaspoon scrape off the build up on the sides and tougher bottom layer and continue to blend.

3) now add the Coconut shredding, Maple syrup and blend/ grind again. You will see the Maple Syrup begin to stick the the mix together and begin to form a dough! Yay!

4) last step – either roll your balls straight away or refrigerate for 20 minutes and then roll them (this way they are nice and firm/ easy to form). For a final touch roll them in some coconut shredding!

In the picture above I did one batch with black sesame seeds and one batch without. 



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