Avocado Spelt-Flour Crostini

I found this quaint tiny bakery near where I live, they only have a few breads and rolls to select from and incredibly fresh! Local and smaller bakery’s are really such a treat, especially when their products are organic. If you live near one too indulge in it! I picked up a spelt-flour crostini and in 2 minutes made a DIVINE lunch out of it with a few of my favorite ingredients!

1) 1 Crostini (slice it in half) 

2) Spread: tahini paste, chopped dates, sesame seeds 

3) 1 medium size avocado 4 cherry tomatoes (mine were blue-red cherry tomatoes, I love their sweet taste) 

4) dash of salt

5) balsamic creme or oil to swish on top (optional)

1) either using a ready bought spread of if you’re making it from scratch (mix tahini paste, a chopped date and sesame seeds) spread on to each crostini half
2) use have an avocado per slice – spread it on with a fork
3) slice tomatoes in half and cover it up
4) sprinkle salt and balsamic on top and INDULGE


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