Guac Bowl

Simple, quick to make and fills you up like you can’t imagine…




1 Avocado

½ a Lemon

dash of Salt & Pepper

1 Sweet potato

6 Cherry tomatoes

4 chopped Asparagus stems

dash of Olive oil

1 patty sized Tofu or an Egg

handful of pinenuts



1) Mash up your avocado  and squeeze your lemon. Mix in the salt and pepper with the mash. Then smoosh it up along the sides of your bowl.

2) in a pan warm up 1/4 chopped bites of your sweet potato, 6 cherry tomatoes, 4 chopped asparagus stems in olive oil

3) add tofu (vegan option) or an egg to the mix and then turn off the heat, stir it, throw some pine nuts on top and add to your GUAC BOWL dash of pepper on the top! Enjoy, enjoy , enjoy


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