For that sweet craving

This is one of my versions of a healthy ice cream, also known as ‘nice cream’. Its full of flavour, different consistencies and it’s packed with the good stuff! This recipe beats grabbing store bought ice-cream any day!



1 frozen Banana

2 Dates (preferably big Medjool dates; remove the pit)

1/4 cup cold Milk (I used Almond Mylk but use any you like)

a sprinkle of Sea salt

a sprinkle of Sesame seeds

small Chocolate bar of your choice (I love using Om bars because they use really fresh and raw ingredients, vegan, additive free, and have live cultures in them which are great for your gut flora)

a handful of Dried Strawberries

a dollop of Almond Butter (I used a local one that I get here in Austria by Rapunzel)



1) In your blender/ food processor mix your frozen banana and milk. Blend a couple minutes until all the frozen banana is creamy and smooth. If you feel you need to add a little more milk when mixing it go for it!  *TIP: slice your banana into small pieces before freezing it so its easier to blend*

2) Now add in your medjool dates, sea salt (this brings out the sweetness of the dates) and chopped chocolate and give it a mix around 15 seconds and ice-cream is done!

3) In a bowl spread in your ice cream mixture and add your dollop of almond butter, strawberries and sesame!

4) Indulge and enjoy…



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