Honey Roasted Protein Bowl

This summer has been a scorcher so far and in the heat one tends to sway between little appetite to raging appetite. This big salad bowl, filled with hydrating greens, honey glazed chickpeas packed with protein, and a light dressing, really hits the spot. I mainly ate chickpeas in hummus form previously, but this new way of consuming them is SO simple and surprisingly delicious!


1 can of Chickpeas

2 tsp Honey (vegan option; maple syrup or agave)

3 tbsp of Sweetcorn

1/4 chopped Cucumber

1/2  sliced Avocado

4 diced Cherry tomatoes

a large handful of Lettuce / salad of your choice

1 chopped Carrot

1/2 Lemon

dash of Olive oil

dash of Salt & Pepper


1) In a pan add a little cooking oil (I like to use Rapeseed oil), throw in your drained chickpeas and on a medium heat let them brown a little. After about 2 minutes add in your honey, now turn down to a lower heat and let them cook until you’re happy with the consistency. I like them quite brown and a little crunchy on the outside.

2) Add in a bowl your salad, chopped carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, sweetcorn, and mix around.

3) Now add your chickpeas in, and top it off with your sliced Avocado, sprinkle it with some salt and pepper.

4) Finally squeeze your lemon over it all, especially the lettuce and then dig in! Guten Appetite!


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