Talking Yoga with Felix Kruck

Currently based in Frankfurt, yoga instructor,  Felix Kruck, teaches alignment oriented, dynamic yoga. He takes his students on a journey, exploring their own personal boundaries, creating space, flexibility, and in turn building strength. Felix completed his multistyle yoga teacher training at Trimurti Yoga in Goa, India. The intensive training of multistyle yoga  included traditional Hatha Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yogic Anatomy and Yoga Philosophy. 


1)    What and where was your first experience with yoga?

I had my first yoga experience at a Fitness First Studio in Hamburg. I was tired of lifting weights and I had always wanted to try yoga. It took me almost one year until I actually took the plunge at trying out yoga, but my first class had a huge impact on me and my yoga path.

2)    Was it love at first sight?

Oh yes!! I was inspired by the women around me. Everything looked so easy, however I myself was struggling a lot! So I decided to practice more often, train my muscles deeper and work on achieving a healthier posture. After one year I already noticed that my upper back was much straighter, and my shoulders weren’t slouching forwards when standing and sitting.

 (3)    Tell us about your journey to becoming a yoga teacher?

After a good friend took me to her favorite yoga studio in Hamburg I was hooked and started going 4-5 times a week. End of 2016 I left Hamburg, traveled to India and did my yoga teacher training. I wanted to improve my personal yoga practice and learn more about yoga philosophy.

4)    Where did you do your yoga teacher training and would you recommend it to others?

I did my YTT at Trimurti Yoga in South Goa. My time in India was very special and I enjoyed every minute at Trimurti. The place, teachers and food was just perfect and I would recommend it to anyone who has a deep interest in learning more about yoga.

5)    What did you find hardest when you first started practicing yoga and how did you overcome it?

One of the hardest things for me was learning to focus synchrony in my breathing not having any previous knowledge of the asanas! After a couple classes, learning the specific asanas, and yoga classes, I was able to start focusing on my breathing and embody the full experience. Thats when yoga started to become really fun, because the moving became more familiar and I could start letting go.

6)    Your most memorable yoga experience?

 Spending time with my yoga philosophy teacher in India. He’s mind-blowing… The way he grew up and his approach to life is a world apart from the mindset in the west.

7)    What would be your top 3 tips to someone trying yoga for the first time?

i) Start with a basic hatha class before jumping into dynamic classes.

 ii) Don’t compare yourself to the person next to you. You don’t know their background! They might have been already been practicing yoga for years, or have a background in gymnastics.

iii) In the end just go for it and try not to overthink it.

8)    What is your favourite style of yoga?

 I personally like vinyasa classes but also yin yoga from time to time!

9)    How do you relax?

 I think I relax the most while walking my dog! It has become my daily meditation.

10)  What’s your go-to comfort food?

 Thats hard to say! I love variety and I’m trying new things all the time. It just needs to be healthy.

11) Coffee or tea?

 Both. Coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon.

12) Cats or dogs?

 We have a cat at my dad’s place and I have a dog! I’m a „both” person!

13) Mountains or seaside?

 I think its not about what you like the most its more about what you want! I like both 😉 Mountains are fun in winter but also in the summer! The Alps in summer is something a lot of young people underestimate! Am I a seaside person? Guess why I decided to do my YTT in South Goa… because I wanted to be close to the ocean. Being close to water just makes everything automatically better.

14) Favourite place in the world?

 Oh gosh… From what I’ve seen so far my favorite place is LA! I think there is something very special about this place. Also because a lot of great yoga is happening there.

15) How do we find you?

Currently I’m not teaching permanent classes but you will find more information about myself at and for upcoming event classes you can follow me on Instagram or like my Facebook page




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