Health Journey

Health was not always a priority in my life.  My weekly habits included a high caffeine, sugar, and cigarette intake to keep my energy levels up. I was pushing the boundaries of my body. Fast food and stress eating, alcohol fuelled weekends, followed by food binges were my typical week. Sleeping, eating ‘real’ food, exercising, and resting never appeared as necessities to me, rather they seemed like an added bonus if I could find the time. I was exhausted. I remember going on a run in 2011 and couldn’t manage to do so without huffing and puffing…this scared me. How did I get to this stage?

I realized that it was a gradual build up from my teen years leading me to struggle with my fitness, become prone to Illness and as an effect, faced several setbacks. By 2013 I was visiting doctors clinics on a regular basis due to my weak immune system and chronic fatigue. Accepting the need to change was easy. Following through on the other hand was difficult and taught me sacrifice, courage, and was a humbling experience. I did not make the choice to change my life, my body pretty much chose for me. I learned the hard way that I needed to give my mind and body care and attention. Many people suffer in similar ways that I did. We all have the incredible gift of having this  functioning biological organism, our body! We aren’t however given instructions on how to handle it, how to care for it and operate it. We use drugs – like sugar, caffeine, alcohol, or worse to ‘manage’ our moods, and push our energy levels up. There is a disconnect between our behaviour and choices we make, affecting how we feel, every day. Since each of us are biologically individual, our individual needs are different too. It takes experimentation, observation, fine-tuning and guidance to achieve the ideal mix.

I strive to have Ahila Health serve as platform embracing the positive, and also acknowledge the not so positive moments we all face at different points in our life. Much love, Anna