30 lessons with thirty

Thirty Lessons With 30

Age never played much of an important role for me growing up. I was quite a late bloomer and learnt in my 20s to just accept that things don’t always go as planned, and that it’s o. k. 30 however, did always seem like a distant pedestal to me, and I did tickle the fantasy of

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Peanut butter & Chocolate fudge

These fudgy delights have a very divine taste that is incredibly hard to describe… its like a mixture of vanilla fudge, swirls of nut butter, melted chocolate and smoothness from the chickpeas that culminate in this bizarrely unique flavour!  You have to try them, it’s hard to pinpoint their exact taste but I would say

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Disturbing the comfort with Kiki Bosch

Originally from the Netherlands and currently based in London, Kiki Bosch continues to dive deeper into her education, and oceans far, and wide. After studying psychology for three years she realised she was more set out on taking a holistic approach towards studying the mind-body connection. Since then, Kiki completed her studies in nutrition, and qualifications

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Talking Yoga with Felix Kruck

Currently based in Frankfurt, yoga instructor,  Felix Kruck, teaches alignment oriented, dynamic yoga. He takes his students on a journey, exploring their own personal boundaries, creating space, flexibility, and in turn building strength. Felix completed his multistyle yoga teacher training at Trimurti Yoga in Goa, India. ​The intensive training of multistyle yoga  included traditional Hatha Yoga,

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pumpkin soup

Pumpkin Season Entrée

Pumpkin season has arrived. YESSSS!!!! Terribly excited about being able to add fresh pumpkin to almost everything the next months. Did you know that eating with the season helps keep your immune system strong? Fruit and vegetables that are transported tend to be stored for longer periods and therefore have a reduction in their photo-nutrient

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Honey Roasted Protein Bowl

This summer has been a scorcher so far and in the heat one tends to sway between little appetite to raging appetite. This big salad bowl, filled with hydrating greens, honey glazed chickpeas packed with protein, and a light dressing, really hits the spot. I mainly ate chickpeas in hummus form previously, but this new

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For that sweet craving

This is one of my versions of a healthy ice cream, also known as ‘nice cream’. Its full of flavour, different consistencies and it’s packed with the good stuff! This recipe beats grabbing store bought ice-cream any day!   INGREDIENTS: 1 frozen Banana 2 Dates (preferably big Medjool dates; remove the pit) 1/4 cup cold

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Mind Body Balance

Being able to extract the nourishing parts of our lives from our food, relationships, experiences, career, and eliminate the toxic aspects, is a far more complex process that it appears. I want to dive deeper into how we can achieve a balance! As defined by the World Health Organization; Health is “a state of complete physical, mental,

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nuts, dates, sesame and energy packed healthy balls. Mixed and rolled to an easy truffle size and perfect for that in between energy craving.

Yin and Yang ‘Cookie-Dough’ Balls

Black and White balls packed with energy and taste like raw cookie dough. I’m completely addicted to rolling these nutty treats into scrumptious desserts. They are perfect as a snack, dessert, pre-working out or even as part of your breakfast! You will need a food processor or any type of grinder to make these! For the

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